Modernize legacy & desktop applications to Web and Cloud, using Wisej.NET.
Existing Windows-based line-of-business applications cannot be turned into browser-based solution easily. Typically, enterprise-scale solutions have been developed over many years with a larger team, they consist of hundreds of screens, and millions of lines of code.

Legacy Technologies

Thanks to Wisej.NET, the following technologies can be brought to the web:
Automated Migration Options
Semi-automated Modernization
  • Visual C++
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Microsoft Access
  • xBase, Vulcan.NET, X#
Thanks to .NET, Wisej.NET can be used with a number of languages such as C#, VB.NET, Python, X# and others. To realize web-enabling with legacy technologies such as VB6 or Gupta, intermediate steps for code conversion to .NET will be required.
Professional services and turn-key migration solutions are available from the makers of Wisej.NET and a number of international partners. Get in touch!
Former Visual Basic 6 solution migrated to Wisej.NET and modernized using UI/UX design services.

Benefits of Web Solutions

By migrating your Windows-based solution into a native web application you can benefit from:
  • Easy installation. Clients just need a browser and your applications URL.
  • No Deployment. Your application, database drivers, report client software etc. don´t need to be deployed anymore.
  • Single code base. With Wisej.NET you can use the same code base for desktop, web and mobile.
  • Various devices. Your application can now be used on PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.
  • Various OS. Your clients can use any OS including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android etc.
  • More modern UI possible. Our theming system allows to greatly enhance the look & feel of your application.

Rewrite or Migrate?

If you decide to keep the application and you have a trigger point to realize a browser-based solution for web/cloud usage, there are two scenarios to consider:
Rewrite from scratch
Improve look & code
Work on something new
Takes many years
Very expensive
High risk to fail
Users may not like it
Migrate to the web
Fast, even if complex
Very low risk
Preserve business logic
80-90% cheaper
Take on entire team
Seamless debugging
Clean solution
UI/UX improvements
Not fully automatic
Needs Wisej.NET