Learn how Managed Hosting with Wisej Mobile works.
Managed Hosting of Wisej Mobile Native apps allows Wisej developers to focus on what they're good at, C# / VB.NET development.
With managed hosting, the headaches of native application deployments are dealt with by the professionals at Ice Tea Group.
Mobile Packages
Wisej Mobile Pricing & Fees

What's Included

  • Custom iOS GitHub Repository
    • Customized XCode build of Wisej Mobile for your Wisej application.
  • Custom Android GitHub Repository
    • Customized Android Studio build of Wisej Mobile for your Wisej application.
  • Remote Notification Credentials & Setup
  • Public / Private Deployment of your Wisej Mobile Applications (Android / iOS)

What We Need

  • Application Icons
  • Application Startup URL
  • Basic Deployment Information
We'll take care of the rest.

Feature Requests & Support

Basic questions can be asked through the Android and iOS repositories.
Complicated support inquiries may require a consulting package.