ASP.NET Hosting

How to publish a Wisej app to a commercial ASP.NET provider.

Commercial ASP.NET hosting providers are virtually all using IIS and a web administration tool like cPanel or Plesk. The deployment process is identical to a standard IIS deployment.

Locate the httpdocs or equivalent directory using the control panel, the follow the basic steps below:

  • Create the application directory

  • Create the /bin directory in the application's directory

  • Copy all the assemblies from your local /bin to the server's /bin (no need to copy xml and pdb files)

  • Copy the /Themes folder if you have custom themes or mixins

  • Copy the /Images folder if you have images that need to be served as URLs

  • Copy the /App_Data folder if your application uses it

  • Copy Web.config

  • Copy Default.html (and other html files you use sub-applications)

  • Copy Default.json (and other json configuration files if you use sub-applications)

  • Copy favicon.ico.

If the hosting provider supports IIS Publishing, you may use Visual Studio to publish the web site directly to the hosting provider's system.


Wisej, like most ASP.NET applications, needs to run in Full Trust mode and needs write permissions to the system's /temp directory. When using the web hosting control panel, locate the ASP.NET Settings section and set the CAS trust level to Full.

We tried over a dozen commercial ASP.NET providers with Wisej applications without any major issue.

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