Professional Services
Whether you are building a new app or migrating an existing solution to the web: Better get it right from the beginning. We are happy to help with a number of professional service options:
As an international organization, we speak your language and operate with nearby presences in many countries.
Services can be performed either onsite at your premises or online using your preferred video conferencing platform. Our international team speaks a number of languages. In collaboration with our partners, we cover many time zones and languages to find a service level that works best for you.
Pricing and service offerings are subject to change with or without notice. See Terms & Conditions for commercial details.

Consulting Services

Prepaid Consulting Packages

When building a new application or migrating an existing application to the web with Wisej.NET, a number of questions and issues come up along the way. We are happy to help with individual consulting services for your specific requirements.
We set up a prepaid budget of consulting hours that you can use to work with the experts from our professional services team. Just book one or more packages for 4 hours each, and we work with you to get any issues out of the way by email, video conference, code review, or remote support. English is our preferred way of communicating, but we may be able to assist you in other languages as well (upon request).
Package of 4 hours: USD $900

Scalability and Architecture Review Package

Wisej.NET offers great scalability. You can deploy enterprise-scale applications of any complexity based on Wisej.NET. Clients have realized solutions covering thousands of screens with million lines of code.
Depending on the architecture and specifics of your application, individual questions may come up. Having helped realize and modernize thousands of applications around the globe in just about any industry, our professional services team will help you resolve any questions and issues no matter how big and complex it may be. Upon request.
Professional Services Request

Component Integration Package

Supporting our clients by integrating external JavaScript controls is a common task. How much do you want us to take over for you?
  • Jumpstart package for Wisej.NET integration of JavaScript controls (proof of concept, basic level of integration as a Wisej.NET-wrapped control that has to be extended with features, events, and options of the component). Provided as source code. From USD $1,800.
  • Full-featured integration of JavaScript controls, including a predefined list of methods, events, and properties, well tested and documented: Upon request.
Custom Integration Request

Migrate & Modernize

Migration Assessment Package

We can help you bring your desktop application to the cloud as a modern real-time web system and save on Citrix.
Applications of any size and complexity that would be impossible to move to the web with any other technology can now become real-time web applications and still optionally run as desktop apps.
Web Modernization Request

UI/UX Design

We are sure your application is beautiful on the inside…
We can help you make it look stunning on the outside as well, and with relatively little effort. Send us a screenshot or two of your Wisej.NET or Desktop application, and let us show you what it can look like.
From UI Modernization to a full New Application Design project, our expert UI/UX and implementation experts are available to help you.
UI Design

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