Web/Cloud Migration Services

Wisej.NET provides a convenient path to migrate existing Windows-based line-of-business applications into browser-based solutions - no matter if they run on-premises or on cloud services such as Microsoft Azure as an App Service.

Preserve your investment and migrate enterprise-scale solutions to the web, by keeping the precious business logic of hundreds of screens and millions of lines of code. More information on the technical details can be found here:

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Turning your legacy application into a Wisej.NET application is highly cost- and time-effective. Even large enterprise-scale solutions can be brought to the web within 6-12 months, depending on the technical details.

Would you like to engage an experienced team that has done this with many other solutions before?

We can help you bring your desktop application to the cloud as a modern real-time web system. Applications of any size and complexity that would be impossible to move to the web with any other technology can become browser-native web applications fully preserving your existing business logic, thanks to our low-risk approach.

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