Ready to dive into Wisej.NET? We provide a number of training options for a smooth start. Enjoy coding with a first-hand intro for various topics and built upon the experience for building web-based business applications as shared by our training staff!

Each training session includes all training materials (slides & samples) and is available in two different variants:

  • Standard (3-4 hour training)

  • Deep Dive (3-4 hour training + 2-3 hour follow-up workshop)

Which training modules are available?

Learn more about the different training modules below.


Based on your requirements, feel free to mix & match the different training classes! There is a typical path to follow and we definitely recommend starting with the Introduction module before diving further into other modules.

Training typeOnlineOnsite

Standard (Training)

USD $900


Deep Dive (Training + Workshop)

USD $1600


Pricing and service offerings are subject to change with or without notice. See Terms & Conditions for commercial details.

Onsite or Remotely?

As an international organization, our training classes are usually available in English. We may be able to offer localized training upon request. Please note that training material will be provided in English language at all times.

Services can be performed either onsite at your premises or online using your preferred video conferencing platform. In collaboration with our partners, we cover different time zones and languages.

Training Modules

Core Introduction

Level: Beginner

This training covers the basics of Wisej.NET. You'll learn core concepts, starting to dive into the framework and architecture details. We introduce all features, tools and options required to get started with Wisej.NET.

Whats included?

  • Introduction to Wisej.NET

  • Core concepts

  • Framework and architecture

  • Features, tools and options

  • Controls & extensions

  • Create your first application with Wisej.NET

Hybrid & Mobile Introduction

Level: Intermediate (general understanding of Wisej.NET required, e.g. based on Core Training)

In this training course we learn how Wisej.NET Hybrid unifies development for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows to create a simplified development experience. We explore the concepts for mobile development and how easy it is to access a device’s hardware from C# or VB.NET. We show how to use the same application cross-platform (iOS / Android) and introduce various deployment options and services.

What's included?

  • Architecture overview

  • Using device features on the server

  • Interfacing with device hardware

  • Deployment options and services

  • Build offline apps with Wisej.NET

Testing Fundamentals

Level: Intermediate (general understanding of Wisej.NET required, e.g. based on Core Training)

Testing is crucial for all development phases of your project. In this training course we review testing considerations including Unit Tests and UI Tests. Starting from manual tests we explain how to automate the testing process with Wisej.NET and what tools are best to use for your requirements.

What's included?

  • Testing Overview

  • Unit tests with Wisej.NET

  • UI tests with Wisej.NET

  • Real-life samples and integrations

Authentication & Security

Level: Intermediate (general understanding of Wisej.NET required, e.g. based on Core Training)

Our framework is secure by design and handles makes your life easy when having to realize typical requirements in terms of authentication and security. In this training course we explain in detail how Wisej.NET is resistant to common threats and attacks. We report information from past penetration tests (pentests) that have been conducted against Wisej.NET and how easy it is to use different kinds of authentication.

What's included?

  • Wisej.NET's security architecture

  • Typical do's & don'ts

  • Authentication options

  • Session handling

  • Penetration tests


Level: Intermediate (general understanding of Wisej.NET required, e.g. based on Core Training)

In this training course we explore options for deploying Wisej.NET apps. Learn how to install Wisej.NET on the cloud or on premise and details for self-hosting and standalone distributions. We show what to consider when deploying to Windows and Linux and how to set up load balancing for Wisej.NET applications.

What's included?

  • Cloud or On-premise

  • Self-hosted or standalone

  • Linux or Windows

  • Load Balancing


Level: Advanced

In this training course we learn how to migrate an existing Windows Forms application to Wisej.NET, converting it into a native web-based application. The course covers common considerations and pitfalls. We show how you can benefit from the Wisej.NET architecture, to provide scalability after the migration process. Real-Life samples will be explored and we will share some of our experiences with these types of projects.

What's included?

  • Migrating a WinForms app to the web with Wisej.NET

  • Considerations and pitfalls

  • Benefits after migration

  • Real-life samples

Integrations & Extensions

Level: Advanced

Need help integrating a JavaScript widget? Wisej Integration Training is ideal for developers that have a basic understanding of Wisej and want to leverage the flexibility of the Wisej ecosystem to integrate custom controls into their application. The training includes lessons on advanced widget integrations, client-server wiring, event handling, and more.

We demonstrate the usage of the Widget control and go over some powerful Wisej.NET Extensions and how they are built including Premium Extensions like the DevExtreme, SyncFusion, Infragistics and Telerik control suites.

What's included?

  • Widget object, Widget class and Wisej control properties

  • Methods and events

  • Integrating a JavaScript control

  • Extensions

If you would like a specific feature integrated for you, see Consulting Services.

UI/UX Modernization

Level: Advanced

In this training course we learn how to modernize your applications by improving the UI and UX experience. We show you how to use the Theme Builder to extend themes and create custom mixins. Additionally we will be reading and writing theme options from C# and VB.NET and taking a close look at real-life samples.

What's included?

  • Theme Builder in Action

  • UI/UX optimizations

  • Theme Mixins

  • Real-life samples

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