Wisej.NET provides an integrated platform for realizing enterprise-scale web applications based on Microsoft .NET across all platforms and technologies.
Wisej.NET Developer is a feature-rich development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio to design and develop modern web applications. It comes with the Wisej.NET Designer, providing a unique WYSIWYG development experience, a collection of Wisej.NET controls, Wisej.NET extensions, the Wisej.NET Theme Builder, as well as local testing and debugging support.
Wisej.NET Server provides the .NET based runtime environment to deploy Wisej.NET web applications to a number of different targets and platforms supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, and Embedded devices.
Wisej.NET Mobile integrates the Wisej.NET technology stack with iOS and Android native applications, creating a simplified environment for developing and deploying mobile apps utilizing local hardware interfaces on mobile devices. We also provide fully managed mobile deployment services.
There are multiple ways to acquire Wisej.NET based on your needs: