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Wisej.NET Server provides a solid production-ready base service for your hosting and deployment needs - across a number of different platforms.


There are a number of license options to choose from:

FeaturesExpressStandardAdvancedData Center T1Data Center T2Data Center T3
























Pricing (per year)


USD $690

USD $2,490

USD $7,990

USD $14,990

USD $28,990

Looking for more options? Enterprise customers and independent software vendors are best served with our Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program. Alternatively, feel free to reach out for Custom Server options.

Subscription and Renewals

Wisej.NET licenses are only available on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period and will renew automatically. Subscriptions include all current and upcoming versions of Wisej.NET within the subscription period.

Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change with or without notice. See License Agreement for a full list of terms and conditions.

All licenses are perpetual. When a license expires you can continue using it forever for the versions of Wisej.NET released up to the expiration date.


Supported Cores

The number of physical or virtual Cores used by Wisej.NET Server to serve requests.

Based on the requirements for line-of-business applications, this number provides a general estimate of the number of concurrent users that can be supported per Wisej.NET Server edition. The actual number of users may vary depending on application architecture, user behavior, available memory, and other factors.

The number of sessions and apps being served by Wisej.NET Server are unlimited for all editions.

Commercial Use

All Wisej.NET Server editions are available for commercial and non-commercial use.

Premium Extensions

In addition to the integrated Wisej.NET controls and publicly available Wisej.NET extensions, there are a number of Wisej.NET Premium Extensions, such as:

  • DevExtreme JavaScript Components

  • Syncfusion Essential JS 1

  • Syncfusion Essential JS 2

  • Telerik Kendo UI

  • Infragistics Ignite UI

  • Northwoods Software GoJS

Premium extensions require a commercial license from the vendor. You must acquire the license directly from the respective component vendor.


Number of server instances that can be activated for a single key. Running the server on more than one instance can be helpful for load balancing, hot-standby, or testing scenarios. The total number of activations may not exceed the given limits.

Activations may not be shared outside the licensee’s organization. Reselling, bundling or embedding of Wisej.NET Server licenses is only permitted with a valid Wisej.NET Reseller Agreement or as part of the Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program.

The meaning of Activations is described for different deployment scenarios here:

On-Premise Installations

If Wisej.NET Server is used on two machines, such as a production environment and in a separate test environment, two server instances have to be licensed. This can be two different licenses or one license with two activations (depending on edition).

AWS EC2 and other Virtual Machines or Containers (i.e. Docker)

If Wisej.NET Server is being used in a containerized setup (such as VM, Docker, etc.), the maximum number of actively running Wisej.NET server instances across all containers has to be licensed. If up to 20 containers can be active at a time and each container has one Wisej.NET Server instance, 20 server activations have to be licensed.

Microsoft Azure App Service and other Hosted Application Services

If an application is deployed to a managed application hosting service such as Azure App Service, you will need a Wisej.NET Server license with enough activations to match the maximum number of running instances in your App Service Plan. You can host unlimited Wisej.NET applications (i.e. URL or endpoint) on each instance.

Offline Activation

Server installations have to be connected to the internet in order to get properly activated. Offline activation (using a helper tool) is available to selected license types.

Load Balancing

Fine-grained control of how Wisej.NET reacts to health check requests from a load balance service, either by static metrics or using call-back mechanisms. For more information, visit

Extended Features

Additional server features are available to selected license types. These are the features that are either available or we are currently working on.

  • Denial of Service Attack Prevention (under development)

  • Application Diagnostics Panel (under development)

  • Application Metrics Instrumentation (under development)

Includes Support

For Professional edition, you can reach our support forum here:

Priority Support is provided for Data Center editions and Standard Support for Advanced server editions. Please send your requests to

Wisej.NET Server Editions


SKU Code: WJSRV-EXP (replaced Wisej.NET Server Community Edition)


SKU Code: WJSRV-STD (formerly Wisej.NET Server Professional Edition)


SKU Code: WJSRV-ADV (formerly Wisej.NET Server Enterprise Edition)

Data Center




The off-the-shelf server editions may not work in all scenarios. If you have specific licensing requirements or if you are looking for other server packages, please contact us for individual pricing based on your needs.



Wisej.NET Server Embedded is only available as part of the Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program. This version support running in special environments with restricted hardware options.

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