Licensing Use Cases

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

You will need:
For bundling and reselling Wisej.NET, please refer to the Wisej.NET Technology Partner program. Alternatively, your customers may obtain their Wisej.NET runtime licenses for on-premise setups directly from us.
If you are a startup or a small organization, the Wisej.NET Community Editions may work for you.

Corporate IT Department

You will need:
The Wisej.NET Server Enterprise and Data Center editions include several server instances in case you want to install Wisej.NET on testing, staging, or fail-over servers.

Freelance Developer

You will need:
The free Wisej.NET Developer Community edition might work well for you as it includes limited commercial use scenarios. If you are working for larger clients, they might provide you with a higher level license of Wisej.NET. Please check the terms.

On-Premise Installations

Local Server

You will need a license for each server running Wisej.NET. If there are multiple servers within an organization, consider the higher level commercial license options that include several instances of Wisej.NET. Small organizations and startups might be covered by the Wisej.NET Server Community edition.

Desktop Application

Wisej.NET Desktop edition is available for Technology Partners. It allows you to deploy a Wisej.NET app as a local desktop ("fat client") application. Runtime licenses for this setup are not required for Technology Partners.

Data Center

In Data Center setups with containerized environments, such as Kubernetes, you will need a Wisej.NET Server Data Center edition. Check the details on our Server Licenses page.