Licensing Use Cases

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

You will need:

For bundling and reselling Wisej.NET, please refer to the Wisej.NET Technology Partner program. Alternatively, your customers may obtain their Wisej.NET runtime licenses for on-premise setups directly from us.

If you are a startup or a small organization, the Wisej.NET Community Editions may work for you.

Corporate IT Department

You will need:

The Wisej.NET Server Advanced and Data Center editions include several server instances in case you want to install Wisej.NET on testing, staging, or fail-over servers.

Freelance Developer

You will need:

The free Wisej.NET Developer Community edition might work well for you as it includes limited commercial use scenarios. If you are working for larger clients, they might provide you with a higher level license of Wisej.NET. Please check the terms.

On-Premise Installations

Local Server

You will need a license for each server running Wisej.NET. If there are multiple servers within an organization, consider the higher level commercial license options that include several activations of Wisej.NET.

Hybrid/Desktop Application

Wisej.NET Hybrid allows you to deploy a Wisej.NET application locally on mobile devices or desktops.

Data Center

In Data Center setups with containerized environments, such as Kubernetes, you will need a Wisej.NET Server Data Center edition. Check the details on our Server Licenses page.

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