Hybrid Licenses

Looking for development options that can be deployed as standalone apps across different platforms? Wisej.NET Hybrid apps can run on Android, iOS, MacOS (Catalyst), and Windows. They can run in connected mode (accessing a Wisej.NET web server) or run fully disconnected using an embedded local web server (for offline usage). Hybrid apps can interact seamlessly with hardware interfaces such as camera, contacts, and device connectivity.


Wisej.NET Hybrid comes in two variations:

  • Wisej.NET Hybrid Starter can be combined with any Wisej.NET Developer license, including Community, Professional and Enterprise. Up to 100 instances of a Wisej.NET Hybrid app may be deployed at no charge.

  • An extended Wisej.NET Hybrid license can be obtained as part of a Wisej.NET Technology Partner agreement. This is licensed in packages of 1,000 instances.

One instance resembles one installation of your application. If you deploy your app to 50 different devices, it will be counted as 50 instances, no matter if they run on the same or different operating systems. If you have several apps developed with Wisej.NET Hybrid, they share the total count of instances.

Subscription and Renewals

Wisej.NET licenses are only available on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period and will renew automatically. Subscriptions include all current and upcoming versions of Wisej.NET within the subscription period.

Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change with or without notice. See License Agreement for a full list of terms and conditions.

All licenses are perpetual. When a license expires you can continue using it forever for the versions of Wisej.NET released up to the expiration date.


Platform Support for Android, iOS, Mac, Win

Wisej.NET Hybrid applications can be deployed to Android, iOS, Mac Catalyst, and Windows targets. These applications can be distributed to public or private app stores using the Visual Studio Publishing Tool.

Deployment Results

  • iOS: *.ipa

  • Android: *.apk

  • Windows: *.exe

  • Mac Catalyst: *.app

Online & Offline Apps

Wisej.NET Hybrid applications work in both "connected" and "disconnected" environments. A toggle is available in the app configuration to switch between the two.

Controls & Extensions

A number of features and device integrations exist in all Wisej.NET Hybrid plans. Some of these features include:

  • TabBar

  • Toolbar

  • Flashlight

  • Media Pickers

  • Battery Events

  • Networking Events

A number of extensions for Hybrid projects are included in the Technology Partner plan. A few of the extensions are listed below:

  • Integrated Document Scanner

  • Biometric Authentication

  • Bluetooth Integration

  • NFC Integration

Customers using the Starter plan can upgrade to get access to these extensions.

Hybrid Integration API

Wisej.NET Hybrid unifies development for web, desktop, and mobile into a single API that allows for a simplified development experience while providing access to native capabilities on each device. To start developing for Wisej.NET Hybrid, just create a new project from a Hybrid Template.

Custom Branding

Wisej.NET Hybrid apps can customized with an individual app icon and a custom startup splash screen.

Custom Integrations

Are you missing features or functionalities? As part of our Technology Partner program we are happy to engage our Professional Services team for your customization request or training requirements.

Please reach out to our sales team for further information.

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