Source Editor

The Theme Builder includes a code editor that you can use when you need to manipulate the theme source code directly. It's particularly useful when you have to copy & paste sections of the theme or you want to apply changes quickly.


Deletes the selected text and copies it to the clipboard.

Copies the selected text to the clipboard.

Pastes the text in the clipboard at the current location.

Collapses the outline to the first level. It makes it easier to work with.

Expands the collapsed outline.

Reverses the last operation.

Reapplies the previous operation that was reverted using Undo.

Opens the Search window. Same as Ctrl-F.

Opens the Search & Replace window.

Changes the size of the font in the editor.

Updates the theme tree and the preview panel. You still need to save the theme to the theme file using the save button in the top toolbar.

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