One of the most powerful features of the Theme Builder is the possibility to theme a running Wisej application.

The second preview tab (Browser) lets you load a Wisej application in the Theme Builder and see what it would look like with any other theme.

You can load a different theme, and you can modify a theme and see the result immediately in the running application.

The actual theme of the application is not changed. Your edits and theme selection is only applied to the browser view in the Theme Builder. To change the theme of the application you still need to deploy the changed theme.

Selected the browser for the preview: Edge or IE.

Navigates backward and forward.

Changes the zoom level.

Opens the Edge/Chrome dev tools window.

New Feature: Detaches the preview allowing you to use it on a separate monitor.

Live preview is not available for the Developer Community Edition.

The first time you run ThemeBuilder you may see a message box asking you to install the Microsoft WebView2 SDK from this location:

Make sure to periodically check for updates.

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