Mobile Packages (EOL)

Wisej.NET Mobile has been replaced by Wisej.NET Hybrid, released in Q3/2023. The new product includes all features of Wisej.NET Mobile, and many more. There is an easy upgrade path for existing apps. In case of questions, please contact us.
Looking for mobile app development options? Wisej.NET applications can take full control of iOS and Android devices. Our iOS (Xcode-Swift) and Android (Java) packages allows a Wisej.NET application to work as if it was running on the mobile device while still running on the web server.


Pricing (in USD)
Wisej.NET Mobile Managed iOS Package Maintenance (2nd year & onwards - per year)
$3,990 $990
Wisej.NET Mobile Managed Android Package Maintenance (2nd year & onwards - per year)
$3,990 $990
Wisej.NET Mobile Managed iOS + Android Packages Maintenance (2nd year & onwards - per year)
$5,990 $1,490

Subscription and Renewals

Wisej.NET Mobile packages include the full source code to build native apps for either iOS or Android. They come at a one-time fee.
Wisej.NET Mobile Managed Packages include the Wisej.NET Mobile package combined with a managed service provided by Ice Tea Group, LLC. This service is only available on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period and will renew automatically if not terminated 4 weeks in advance. Subscriptions include all current and upcoming versions of Wisej.NET Mobile Managed packages within the subscription period.
Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change with or without notice. See License Agreement for a full list of terms and conditions.


Mobile Integration API

Wisej.NET Mobile unifies development for Android, iOS, and Wisej.NET into a single API that allows for a simplified development experience while providing access to native capabilities on each device. To start developing for Wisej.NET Mobile, just add the Wisej.Web.Ext.MobileIntegration extension to your project. The compiled version is available for free.
In order to deploy an app based on Wisej.NET Mobile, you will need Wisej.NET Mobile for Android or Wisej.NET Mobile for iOS.

Mobile Trial apps

The Wisej.NET Mobile Trial apps offer developers a chance to preview native functionality within an existing Wisej.NET app. The trial includes access to the Android and iOS versions of the Wisej.NET Mobile application.
Learn how to start the trial here.

Wisej.NET Mobile Editions

Mobile Packages

The Wisej.NET Mobile Integration package for Android and iOS includes everything needed to integrate native application functionality into a new or existing Wisej.NET application. The package includes:
  • Wisej.Web.Ext.MobileIntegration extension
  • Wisej.NET Mobile Xcode project in Swift (for the iOS package)
  • Wisej.NET Mobile Android Studio project in Java (for the Android package)
  • Sample Applications
  • 1 hour online introduction and Q/A
The Mobile Package offers the source code needed to build the Android (Android Studio / Java) and iOS (Xcode / Swift) projects. It is up to the developer to manage the distribution and deployment without a Mobile Managed Package. If additional support is needed, see Consulting Services.

Mobile Managed Packages

The Mobile Managed packages offer organizations the ability to have the technical aspects of app distribution and deployment managed by Ice Tea Group, LLC. The Wisej.NET Mobile Managed packages include the Wisej.NET Mobile Package with 1 hour of online introduction.
Developing and hosting the Wisej.NET application on the server is up to the organization and not part of the Wisej.NET Mobile Managed Package.
After building a Wisej.NET application with native functionality, Ice Tea Group will handle the distribution of the app to the appropriate audience either through public or private distribution.

Public Distribution

Public distribution implies that the application will be available for the general public to download on the Android Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Private Distribution

If the application is for internal organization use, the app must be deployed privately. Depending on the use case, the distribution method will either be through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution or through the distribution of unique links. We will work with you to figure out the best case for your needs.
The Wisej.NET Mobile Managed Package includes the first app store release and all system-caused updates of the application. Any customer-driven update to app stores will be billed additionally based on time & material.

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