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Wisej.NET Server provides a solid production-ready base service for your hosting and deployment needs - across a number of different platforms.


There are a number of license options to choose from:

FeaturesCommunityProfessionalEnterpriseData CenterCustom
















Pricing (per year)


USD $490

USD $1,990

USD $8,990

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Looking for more options? Enterprise customers and independent software vendors are best served with our Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program.

Subscription and Renewals

Wisej.NET licenses are only available on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for a 12 month period and will renew automatically. Subscriptions include all current and upcoming versions of Wisej.NET within the subscription period.

Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change with or without notice. See License Agreement for a full list of terms and conditions.

All licenses are perpetual. When a license expires you can continue using it forever for the versions of Wisej.NET released up to the expiration date.


Concurrent Clients

Wisej.NET Server editions are limited by the number of clients that can use a single application concurrently. The term "client" refers to a browser.

While the number of sessions and the number of processor cores are unlimited, the different server editions limit the total load that a Wisej.NET application can support. For example, a license for 100 concurrent clients allows the application to process up to 100 simultaneous client requests. Additional requests are queued and will be processed when there is an available slot.

The maximum concurrent client load is limited for each application instance. For example, the Wisej.NET Server Enterprise edition can process up to 1,000 simultaneous client requests for each app domain in an IIS server or for each self hosted application instance.


Each Wisej.NET Server process is considered an active instance and needs to be properly licensed.

  • Wisej.NET Server Community and Professional editions provide a license for one active server instance.

  • Wisej.NET Server Enterprise and Data Center editions provide a license for several active server instances.

The number of licensed instances per Wisej.NET Server license is documented below for each edition.

Here are typical deployment scenarios with their corresponding licensing needs:

On-Premise Installations

If Wisej.NET Server is used on two machines, such as a production environment and in a separate test environment, two server instances have to be licensed.

Containerized Setup with Virtual Servers or Docker

If Wisej.NET Server is being used in a containerized setup (such as VM, Docker, etc.), the maximum number of actively running Wisej.NET server instances across all containers has to be licensed. If up to 20 containers can be active at a time and each container has one Wisej.NET Server instance, 20 server instances have to be licensed. This may be

  • 1x Wisej.NET Server Data Center edition, or

  • 4x Wisej.NET Server Enterprise edition, or

  • 20x Wisej.NET Server Professional edition.

Hosted Application Services (Azure, AWS, ...)

If an application is deployed to a managed application hosting service such as Azure App Service, you will need a licensed Wisej.NET Server instance for each App Service Plan (on Azure) or for each Web Server instance. You can host unlimited App Services within a single App Service Plan or single Web Server. Different Applications limit still apply according to the server license type.

Wisej.NET Server licenses may not be resold, rented, or shared outside an organization and its affiliates, as described under Commercial Use. Please refer to our Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program for ISV-related requirements.

A single server (IIS, self hosted, cloud service) can host unlimited sites, still counts as one server, and needs only 1 server license.


Developers are free to build applications of any complexity with Wisej.NET Developer. The number of applications that can be deployed per Wisej.NET Server license varies by edition. The different specifications per edition are described below.

“Application” means any software product that you develop using Wisej.NET.

There are three different typical setups for Wisej.NET deployments:

In-house Applications

Depending on the Wisej.NET Server edition, one or more Wisej.NET apps can be deployed internally. Make sure that the number of server instances (production, staging, test) and the number of app instances matches your Wisej.NET Server license.

Wisej.NET developers do not need a Wisej.NET Server license for local debugging and testing on their machine with Wisej.NET Developer installed.

Software-as-a-Service Offerings

You may publish your application as a private or public SaaS service. If you are running several instances of your app on one server or if you are running your app on several services, please verify that the license requirements are met for your Wisej.NET Server edition.

Independent Software Vendors

If you sell your Wisej.NET application to customers that require a local (on-premise) installation, they will need an individual Wisej.NET server license. You can either

  • sign up for our Wisej.NET Technology Partner program to benefit from competitive license prices with the simplicity of single-key deployment along with your application; or

  • ask your customers to purchase a Wisej.NET Server license directly from us. Reselling of Wisej.NET server licenses is not allowed outside the Wisej.NET Technology Partner program or Wisej.NET Reselling agreements.

Commercial Use

  • by individuals working on their own applications, either to sell or for any other purpose;

  • by companies with up to 3 servers for commercial purposes with the company's annual gross revenue below 1 million USD;

  • by students and teachers for educational purposes.

Reselling, bundling or embedding of Wisej.NET Server Licenses is only permitted with a valid Wisej.NET Reseller Agreement or as part of the Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program.

Premium Extensions

In addition to the integrated Wisej.NET controls and publicly available Wisej.NET extensions, there are a number of Wisej.NET Premium Extensions, such as:

  • DevExtreme JavaScript Components

  • Syncfusion Essential JS 1

  • Syncfusion Essential JS 2

  • Telerik Kendo UI

  • Infragistics Ignite UI

  • Northwoods Software GoJS

Premium extensions require a commercial license from the vendor. You must acquire the license directly from the respective component vendor.

Wisej.NET Server Editions



Clients and app limits are counted per server instance.



Clients and app limits are counted per server instance.



Clients and app limits are counted per server instance.

Data Center


Clients and app limits are counted per server instance.



Standard Server editions may not work in all scenarios. If you have specific licensing requirements or if you are looking for other server packages, please contact us for individual pricing based on your needs.



Wisej.NET Server Embedded is only available as part of the Wisej.NET Technology Partner Program. This version support running in special environments with restricted hardware options.

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