A retractable animated button that can be used to expand or collapse other panels.
The side button is a useful control that is also quite common in modern web applications. It adds a small button elastic button to a container. It can be docked to the left or the right and expand in the opposite direction (similar to the GMail options vertical bar).
wisej-extensions/Wisej.Web.Ext.SideButton at 3.0 · iceteagroup/wisej-extensions
SideButton Source Code

How to Use

The SideButton extension can be added to a Wisej project using NuGet Package Manager.
Wisej-3-SideButton 3.0.10
It has a collapsed property that is used in the NavigationBar sample to show/hide a FlexLayoutPanel. This FlexLayout can contain any kind of elements, in this sample it just hosts 2 picture boxes. We also dropped 2 animation extenders on the page so we are able to define sliding effects when the panel is shown/hidden:
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How to Use