The complete Bootstrap icon pack with more than 1300 icons. All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.BootstrapIcons assembly to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.BootstrapIcons/{icon-name}.
Source Code: TODO, not online yet

How to Use

Deploy the icon pack

All you need to deploy is the Wisej.Ext.BootstrapIcons.dll.

Use the icons in code

Add a reference to Wisej.Web.ElegantIcons.dll to your project and compile. All the icons will be available in the icon picker. To use the icons in code, simply refer to the Icon Pack name and the icon name like this:
this.button1.ImageSource = Wisej.Ext.BootstrapIcons.AlarmFill;