Welcome to Wisej.NET - the first Web Integrated Server Environment to design, build, debug, and manage Real Time ASP.NET Applications using C# or VB.NET with JavaScript in Visual Studio.

Wisej.NET is the most advanced, enterprise-scale, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core development system in .NET. It covers just about the entire spectrum of features that business developers need to build and manage complex web applications.

It is also a Rapid Web Development system, thanks to its unique WYSIWYG pixel-perfect designer integrated into Visual Studio, and its familiar component object model.

Developers can achieve in a few days what would take months, if at all possible, with any other web framework. The power and versatility of Wisej.NET also mean that it's a large and sophisticated system, with hundreds of features and several ways to accomplish most tasks.


The documentation is organized in multiple cross-linked books. This one is the most extensive, being about the concepts and features for each one of the many available controls.

There is also a full API book, and a book for the extension, integration, deployment, and more.

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