Welcome to Wisej - the first Web Integrated Server Environment to design, build, debug, and manage Real Time Web Applications using C# or VB.NET with JavaScript in Visual Studio.
Wisej is the most advanced, enterprise-scale, web development system in .NET. It covers just about the entire spectrum of features that business developers need to build and manage complex web applications.
It is also a Rapid Web Development system, thanks to its unique WYSIWYG pixel-perfect designer integrated into Visual Studio, and its familiar component object model. Developers can achieve in a few days what would take months, if at all possible, with any other framework. The power and versatility of Wisej also mean that it's a large and sophisticated system, with hundreds, if not thousands, of features and several ways to accomplish similar tasks.


The documentation is organized in multiple cross-linked books. This one is the most extensive, being about the concepts and features for each one of the many available controls. There is also a full API book, and a book for the extension, integration, deployment, and more.

Some starting points

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