Represents a web browser control that enables the user to navigate web pages inside a form or a page.

The WebBrowser control lets you host Web pages and other browser-enabled documents in your Wisej applications. You can use the WebBrowser control, for example, to provide integrated HTML-based user assistance or Web browsing capabilities in your application. Additionally, you can use the WebBrowser control to add your existing Web-based controls to your Wisej application.

The WebBrowser control in Wisej uses an iframe element to load and render the content.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.


Load Webpages

The Url property of the WebBrowser can assign any valid webpage to the control, such as another Wisej application.

The Wisej WebBrowser control has the same Cross-Origin policies and limitations as the standard HTML IFrame element. Learn more here.


JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"panel", see Themes.

Child components

"pane" is the container. "captionbar" is the header. "title" is the title of the panel. "icon" is the icon of the panel, if applicable. "close-button" is the close button of the panel, if applicable. See JavaScript.

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