Can I use Wisej 2.5 and Wisej 3 simultaneously?


Can I still use IIS Express and IIS?

There are two sets of templates available in Wisej 3.

One set of templates uses Wisej 3 with the old template style. This template format allows you to use IIS Express and Local IIS normally.

The templates based on the new SDK-Project format are more complicated.

Running a project in the new SDK Project format that is set to .NET Framework will start with IIS Express. Running a project in this format that targets .NET 6+ will use Kestrel.

How do I upgrade my Wisej 2.5 application to Wisej 3?

pageUpdate Existing Projects

Does Wisej 3 use .NET Core 3.0?

No. Wisej 3 was designed for .NET 5+.

Will Wisej 3 support future versions of .NET?


How do I deploy my Wisej 3 application?

Can I create a single-target project for .NET 6+?

Yes, but you will lose access to the designer.

All Wisej projects must target .NET Framework v4.8 to use the designer.

Can I test my project with Windows Docker?

Yes but you have to create the docker file. We only provide a basic docker file for Ubuntu.

Can I test my project with Linux Docker?

Yes. We provide a basic docker file for Ubuntu.

Can I build .NET 6+ applications with VB.NET?

Yes, unlike standard ASP.NET Core projects, which have dropped VB.NET, Wisej features VB.NET templates for .NET 6.

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