Visual Studio Designer

The Visual Studio designer in Wisej 3 has been upgraded to support Visual Studio 2022. Everything else is unchanged, and it requires the .NET Framework 4.8 target to work with Visual Studio.


Wisej 3 components are available in the toolbox under the "Wisej 3" tab name. Since Wisej 2.5 we have stopped installing components in the toolbox and instead rely on the automatic installation of nuget components.

Unfortunately Visual Studio still doesn't support toolbox icons for nuget components. You can always install a custom tab and drag & drop /net48/Wisej.Framework.dll to the toolbox to see the icons. Don't use "Wisej 3" for the tab name or nuget will replace your toolbox content.

Extensions added to a project using the NuGet Package manager will show up under the "Wisej 3 Extension" tab name.

If the toolbox doesn't show the Wisej tab and tools, make sure that the Automatically Populate Toolbox option is set to true.

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