Represents a spinner control that displays string values.

A DomainUpDown control displays a single string value that is selected from an Object collection by clicking the up or down buttons of the control. The user can also enter text in the control, unless the ReadOnly property is set to true (the string typed in must match an item in the collection to be accepted). When an item is selected, the object is converted to a string value so it can be displayed in the spin box.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.



The DomainUpDown control supports the inline Label property. This allows an application to set a label in relation to a DomainUpDown control without having to create an additional Label control.



JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"spinner", see Themes.

Child components

"upbutton" is the up button. "downbutton" is the down button. "textfield" is the textfield.

Source code

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