Provides methods to manage a collection of Image objects. This class cannot be inherited.

The ImageList component is typically used by other controls, such as the ListView, TreeView, or ToolBar. You can add bitmaps or icons to the ImageList, and the other controls are able to use the images as they require.

The Wisej ImageList component is used to store images, which can then be displayed by controls. An image list allows you to write code for a single, consistent catalog of images. For example, you can rotate images displayed by a Button control simply by changing the button's ImageIndex or ImageKey property. You can also associate the same image list with multiple controls. For example, if you are using both a ListView control and a TreeView control to display the same list of files, changing a file's icon in the image list will cause the new icon to appear in both views.

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When set, the ImageSize property will automatically force all images in the ImageSet to become the given size.

Transparent Color

When set, the TransparentColor property specifies which color in the image should be treated as transparent.

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