Represents a column of cells that contain MaskedTextBox controls in a DataGridView.

The MaskedTextBoxColumn class is a specialized type of the DataGridViewColumn class used to logically host cells that display MaskedTextBox controls. A MaskedTextBoxColumn has an associated DataGridViewMaskedTextBoxCell in every DataGridViewRow that intersects it. Each cell contains a MaskedTextBox control.

You can populate the cells manually by setting their Value properties. Alternatively, you can bind the column to the data source indicated by the DataGridView.DataSource property. If the DataGridView is bound to a database table, set the column DataPropertyName property to the name of a column in the table. If the DataGridView is bound to a collection of objects, set the DataPropertyName property to the name of an object property.

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Preset Masks

The MaskedTextBox's Mask property features a popup dialog to quickly select one of the common predefined masks.

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