Getting Started

Welcome to Wisej.NET - the first Web Integrated Server Environment to design, build, debug, and manage Real Time ASP.NET Applications using C# or VB.NET with JavaScript in Visual Studio.

The first thing to do, now that you have installed Wisej.NET, is to launch Visual Studio and create a new project. Or, launch Visual Studio and open one of our many examples.

pageNew Project

Sometimes Visual Studio decides not to show the new project templates. If that happens, please follow the instructions in the missing templates section.

The first time you open the designer, you will get the license activation dialog. Enter your developer (or trial) license and everything should work.

You must have an internet connection to activate the developer license.

If you are using the Wisej.NET Developer Community edition, please make sure to comply with the terms & conditions. Commercial use is only permitted for small organizations.

Visual Studio Requirements

The Wisej.NET library can be used with any version of Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. However, the designer plug in is supported on Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 (Community, Professional, or Enterprise) on Windows.

Make sure that you have installed these 2 workloads:

  • ASP.NET and web development

  • .NET desktop development (needed for the designer)


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