The TreeViewComboBox control represents a UserComboBox control with a TreeView as the drop down panel.

Based upon the UserComboBox, the TreeViewComboBox control allows users to select options from a TreeView control embedded into the drop down panel of a ComboBox control.

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The TreeViewComboBox control supports the inline Label property. This allows an application to set a label in relation to a TreeViewComboBox control without having to create an additional Label control.


Select on Enter

The TreeViewComboBox control can be customized to specify whether users are allowed to select an item when it's first clicked or if an additional action should be performed such as double-clicking or clicking on the checkbox.


JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"combobox", "listitem" for the items in the drop down, see Themes.

Child components

"textfield" is the inner <input> widget, "button" is the drop down button, "list" is the drop down list, "popup" is the container of the drop down list, "labelfield" is the inner content when the ComboBox is not editable, and "icon" is the icon for the selected item when it shows an icon. See JavaScript.

ToolContainer state

"treeview", see Embedded Tools.

Source code

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