Represents a label control that can display hyperlinks.

The LinkLabel control is similar to a Label control with the exception that it can display a hyperlink. Multiple hyperlinks can be specified in the text of the control. Each hyperlink can perform a different task within an application.

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Setting the LinkArea property of the LinkLabel control specifies the portion of text that will be shown as a hyperlink to the user.

The behavior of the link can be configured to use one of the preset values:

  • SystemDefault: The behavior of this setting depends on the browser.

  • AlwaysUnderline: The link always displays with underlined text.

  • HoverUnderline: The link displays underlined text only when the mouse is hovered over the link.

  • NeverUnderline: The link text is never underlined.

Active Color

The LinkLabel selection color can be fully customized using the ActiveLinkColor property:

How To

Customize the Appearance

The Label control is fully customizable through the Font, Text, AllowHTML, and AppearanceKey properties.


Like most other controls in Wisej, the LinkLabel control has a Font property that allows for customization of the size, features, and style of font to use for the control.


When set to true, the Label's Text property will be interpreted as HTML content, allowing for full customization of the control.

Appearance Key

The AppearanceKey property of the control can be used to give the Label a custom look. This can be based off of another control already defined in the theme (i.e. button) or as an entirely new appearance defined in a mixin.

			"inherit": "linklabel",
						"backgroundColor": "blue"


JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"linklabel", inherits appearance from "textlabel" see Themes.

Source code

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