New Project

After launching Visual Studio, click Create a new Project, select your language (either Visual Basic or C#), then select Wisej, and you will see the list of Wisej templates.

If you don't see the templates, follow the instructions here.

Wisej works with any .NET language, including C++, F#, X# or COBOL.NET. However, the designer may not have the necessary support, in which case you'd have to write UI code directly.

After you pick a project type, Visual Studio will create a new solution with the project template you have selected and will start up by showing our welcome page.

And that's pretty much it. Now you can compile the project and open Page1 in the designer.

Pick whatever control you need from the toolbox and you have a web application!

▶️ Hit Run.

Project Types

Web Desktop Application

Creates a project containing a custom desktop container. Looks like your Windows desktop. You can add items to the taskbar, show floating windows, change the position of the taskbar, etc.

You are basically building a desktop environment in the browser.

Web User Control

Creates a library project with a custom Wisej control that can be used in other projects.

Web Application

Creates a web application with a floating window shown in the browser. It's up to you to build a navigation system to manage your application's forms in the browser.

Web Page Application

👉 This is the recommended project template.

Creates a web application with a main page where you can drop any control. The page fills the browser. You can navigate from page to page simply by creating more pages and calling their Show() method.

PWA Web Application

Creates a web application with a main page (similar to the Web Page Application). However, it adds the necessary JavaScript and manifest files to make the browser recognize the application as a PWA app.

The app can be installed on the client, and you can control some basic colors and icons in the manifest. Additionally, Wisej creates the client-side web worker that caches locally all the Wisej JavaScript files allowing the app to launch faster.

Wisej applications cannot work offline. However, the PWA template adds and registers with the web worker a folder named Offline. Wisej will automatically preload all the content in /Offline and switch to the /Offline/Default.html page when it detects that the device lost connectivity.


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