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License Activation

There are several different licenses:
  • Developer
    One developer license is required for each developer using Wisej.
  • Server
    One server license is required for each server running Wisej applications.
  • Community
    One license is required for each developer or each server using Wisej.
  • Trial
    The trial license works for both: developer and server activations.
For more information about Wisej licenses, see the Wisej Licensing handbook.

Developer License

Wisej will ask you to enter the developer (or trial) license key the first time you open a window in the designer.
Enter the Developer License Key or the Trial License Key and click the ACTIVATE button.
If you already have a Trial License and want to register the Developer License, open the Registration form by clicking on the small Wisej icon in the designer's toolbar (all the way to the right) at the bottom. It will reopen the registration window where you can enter the new license.

Server License

The Server License Key (or Trial Key) goes into Web.config. See Configuration. You can change it at any time. Wisej will automatically activate a new license when the application is loaded.
The web server must have write permissions to the project directory or to "C:\ProgramData" to be able to properly activate the license and generate the wisej-server.lic file.
Wisej saves a copy of the activated server license into the project's folder and to "C:\ProgramData\IceTeaGroup\Wisej".
When you create a new Application Pool or change the user for an existing Application Pool, make sure that the account you have selected has write permissions to the project directory and optionally to "C:\ProgramData".
Usually, the user is "IIS_IUSRS".

Local Servers Without Internet Access

If you need to deploy a Wisej application to a server that doesn't have internet access and cannot activate the server license, you can activate the server license on a developer machine with internet access and deploy the wisej-server.lic file with the application, in the root project folder.
wisej-server.lic is automatically generated the first time the server activates a server license.

License Renewal

Wisej detects when a license has expired and the application is using a newer build of Wisej. When this occurs, the license manager automatically downloads the new license, provided you have renewed the upgrade period on
You don't need to do anything else. There is no need to re-register or to change the license key in Web.config.