Displays a hierarchical collection of labeled items, each represented by a TreeNode.

The Wisej.Web.TreeView control shows nested items within a hierarchical tree. Each item can have a number of subitems, allowing the user to expand and collapse nested items accordingly.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.



The TreeView control features a CheckBoxes property that will display a checkbox next to each node in the TreeView.

Virtual Scrolling

The TreeView control has the ability to use virtual scrolling, a feature that only renders the list items currently visible in the browser.

Using this option can drastically reduce the amount of time spent rendering in the browser for large datasets.

Scrolling when VirtualMode is true may be slower than rendering all of the items at the same time. To improve scrolling performance, set the PrefetchItems property to pre-render items.



JavaScript Widget


Class name

wisej.web.TreeView for the TreeView. wisej.web.TreeNode for each tree node.

Theme appearance

"tree", "tree-item" for the items in the tree view, "tree-folder" for the folders in the tree view, "tree-file" for the end nodes in the tree view. See Themes.

TreeView child components

"scrollbar-x" is the horizontal scrollbar and "scrollbar-y" is the vertical scrollbar. See JavaScript.

TreeItem child components

"checkbox" is the list item's checkbox. "label" is the node (folder)'s text. "icon" is the list item's icon. See JavaScript.

TreeNode child components

"open" is the icon showing whether the row is expanded. "checkbox" is the node's checkbox. "label" is the node's text. See JavaScript.

ToolContainer state

"treeview", see Embedded Tools.

Source code

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