Represents a PdfViewer control that can display a pdf document in the browser either using the native pdf viewer, the pdf.js viewer, Google docs, or a custom viewer.

The PDFViewer control is used to display pdf documents in the browser. There are multiple viewer types available to display the documents based on the type of browser used.

To get started, set the PdfSource property to the URL of a pdf document and it will be loaded at runtime.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.


Multiple Viewer Types

The PdfViewer has several preset PdfViewerTypes.

  • Auto: The PDF viewer is selected by the client browser.

  • Google: Use Google's document viewer.

  • Mozilla: Use Mozilla PDF.js viewer.

Custom Viewer

The PdfViewer control can implement a custom pdf viewer by setting the ViewerType property to Custom and applying a ViewerURL.

The image below demonstrates an integration of Mozilla's PDF.js.


JavaScript Widget


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"panel", see Themes.

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