What's new in 3.1

Wisej.NET 3.1 enhances the milestone 3.0 release by adding several new unique features and a simplified installation procedure.

In addition to numerous bug fixes and considerable performance enhancements to our libraries, 3.1 includes the following notable new features:

Visual Studio Marketplace

Wisej.NET is now easier to use than ever before. It is available as a VSIX installer through the Visual Studio Marketplace or via the Visual Studio Extension Manager. Without using the GAC, the new VSIX installer automatically registers Application Templates and the Wisej.NET designer.

Typed TextBox

A basic but very useful Typed TextBox is one of the most desired features in practically all web development platforms and is now available in our toolkit

You can use this new editor control to define the type of Value property to which the text should be parsed, a.NET format string (standard or custom), and whether the formatted string should be preserved when editing or removed when entering the editor.

You can also take over the parsing and formatting using the new events and virtual methods.

Tiny Tools in the Designer

New "Tiny Tool Icons" have been added to the Property Editor in the designer to indicate some of their attributes or reset New their value.

These new icons may save time for developers by providing information and features that needed several clicks to reach.

  • Reset. Instead of having to right-click and select the Reset option (if enabled), this tiny tool allows developers to reset the value of a modified property with a single click.

  • Data Bound. Indicates that a property is data-bound. This information was only available by opening the data binding dialog.

  • Localizable. Indicates that the property can be localized. Previously, this information was unavailable without inspecting the source code or attempting to localize the value.

  • Responsive. Indicates that the property is a Responsive Property and can hold multiple values associated with client profiles.

Horizontal ListBox

The new property ListBox.Orientation changes the layout of the items in the ListBox from the standard Vertical layout to the new Horizontal Flow layout.

Everything else remains the same, including horizontal scrolling, keyboard selection, and so on.

ObservableCollection Data Binding

Previously, the data binding system in Wisej.NET only supported the BindingList<> class for advanced data binding. However, MAUI and WPF support the simpler ObservableCollection<> type for their data binding.

Now Wisej.NET seamlessly supports both. Support for the INotifyPropertyChanged is identical in all data binding implementations.

Together with the Commanding support introduced as an experimental feature in 3.0, it now supports most 3-letter or 4-letter binding models.


The Commanding implementation introduced with 3.0 is now fully supported.

Dependency Injection

Services and Dependency Injection are now first-class citizens in Wisej.NET 3.1.

New Application Templates

Using the Visual Studio Marketplace allows us to provide new project and item templates. You can use the Visual Studio Extension Manager to install our new templates and automatically register them within Visual Studio.

We have moved the Tour Panel Extension's Templates to the Marketplace and added new Navigation App Templates similar to the Blazor startup templates.

F1 Integrated Help

When Wisej.NET is installed from the VSIX installer (Visual Studio Market Place or downloaded from our builds page), you can press F1 to get directed to our extensive online documentation.

The system can determine the Wisej.NET class, property, or method by the location of the cursor in the editor. This has support for the main API and all the extensions!

TestProject.io Integration

We have selected new automation tools as we built our new automated test suite, which we’ve decided to share using TestProject.io, an end-to-end automation solution for Web and Mobile apps with all the latest browser drivers.

Our Wisej.NET extension helps in several ways like scrolling widgets into View, handling Tree Views, Keystrokes, counting Alert or Message Boxes, and much more.

WebAuthn Extension

We have added a new module to our open-source toolkit. The new extension employs the Web Authentication API (known as WebAuthn).

The extension enables developers to add external and platform-specific authenticators into Wisej.NET applications. You can read more about the new extension in our blog post here.

New OpenWindow Callback

This is a new experimental feature. We added a new Application.OpenWindow(url, ...) method with an optional onclose callback action, and added new onclose callback action to the existing Application.Navigate() method.

Application.OpenWindow() opens the url in a new popup window. If you specify the onclose callback method, it is invoked when the user closes the popup window.

It can be used for several purposes:

  • Dispose a resource (i.e. delete a file or close a handle) when the user closes the tab or the popup.

  • Simulate detaching a specific window from the browser and allow the web application to work with multiple monitors.

private void Window1_ToolClick(object sender, ToolClickEventArgs e)
  var id = this.textBox1.Text;

  // hide Window1

  // launch sub-application /client passing custom args.

    // onclose: reopen "detached" Window1.
    () => {

The same effect can be achieve using a browser tab that the user can detach and move to a second monitor.

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