Represents a desktop container that can host floating windows.

Desktop controls are used to provide an easy-to-use container for Form navigation. Only one Desktop can be shown to a user at a time, but an unlimited number of Desktops can be created for each Wisej application.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.


Switch Desktop

Wisej applications can contain an unlimited number of customized Desktops. To switch a Desktop, simply set the Application.Desktop property.

Application.Desktop = new MyDesktop();

When working with multiple Desktop instances, the existing Forms on the page will be retained.

Child Control

The Desktop container can also be hosted on a Page control.

Trying to add a Desktop control to any other type of control other than a Page will throw an exception in the designer or at runtime.


The Taskbar portion of the Desktop control is used to display and control open Forms. When a new Form is shown within the application, a shortcut for it is automatically created in the Desktop's taskbar.


JavaScript Widget


Class name

"wisej.web.Desktop", "wisej.web.desktop.Workspace", "wisej.web.desktop.TaskBar", and "wisej.web.desktop.TaskBarItem"

Theme appearance

"desktop", "desktop-taskbar-item", and "desktop-taskbar-preview" see Themes.

Child components

"workspace" represents the non-taskbar area of the desktop, "taskbar". See JavaScript.

Source code

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