Represents a Wisej control that displays a frame around a group of controls with an optional caption.

The GroupBox displays a frame around a group of controls with or without a caption. Use a GroupBox to logically group a collection of controls on a form. The GroupBox is a container control that can be used to define groups of controls.

The typical use for a group box is to contain a logical group of RadioButton controls. If you have two group boxes, each of which contain several option buttons (also known as radio buttons), each group of buttons is mutually exclusive, setting one option value per group.

You can add controls to the GroupBox by using the Add method of the Controls property.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.



The visibility of the GroupBox can be controlled at runtime by applying the ShowCloseButton property.


The GroupBox control features an optional checkbox that can be toggled to enable or disable the child controls. Set the ShowCheckBox property to true to show the checkbox. Set the Checked property to toggle the checked state.


When enabled, the GroupBox control is able to resize itself to fit it's contents according to the AutoSizeMode property specified.


JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"groupbox", see Themes.

Child components

"legend" is the groupbox legend. "frame" is the groupbox frame. "close-button" is the button that hides the groupbox. See JavaScript.

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