Represents a collapsible panel with an optional header that contains a group of controls.

A Panel is a control that contains other controls. You can use a Panel to group collections of controls such as a group of RadioButton controls. As with other container controls such as the GroupBox control, if the Panel control's Enabled property is set to false, the controls contained within the Panel will also be disabled.

The Panel control is displayed by default without any borders. You can provide a standard or three-dimensional border using the BorderStyle property to distinguish the area of the panel from other areas on the form. Because the Panel control derives from the ScrollableControl class, you can use the AutoScroll property to enable scroll bars in the Panel control. When the AutoScroll property is set to true, any controls located within the Panel (but outside of its visible region), can be scrolled to with the scroll bars provided.

The Panel control does not display a caption. If you need a control similar to a Panel that can display a caption, see the GroupBox control.

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Auto Size

When enabled, the Panel control is able to resize itself to fit it's contents according to the AutoSizeMode property specified.

Several containers in Wisej come with a built-in header for displaying a title and optional collapsible icon. The header can be shown by setting the ShowHeader property of the container to true. The collapsible icon can be hidden by setting the ShowCloseButton property to false.

Collapse Direction

The Panel control can be collapsed to the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right using the CollapseSide property. The default value is Top. The default header position can be changed by setting the HeaderPosition property.



JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"panel", see Themes.

Child components

"pane" is the container. "captionbar" is the header. "title" is the title of the panel. "icon" is the icon of the panel, if applicable. "close-button" is the close button of the panel, if applicable. See JavaScript.

Toolcontainer state

"panel", see Embedded Tools.

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