Represents a toolbar component.

The ToolBar control is used on forms as a control bar that displays a row of drop-down menus and bitmapped buttons that activate commands. Thus, clicking a toolbar button is equivalent to choosing a menu command. The buttons can be configured to appear and behave as push buttons, drop-down menus, or separators. Typically, a toolbar contains buttons and menus that correspond to items in an application's menu structure, providing quick access to an application's most frequently used functions and commands.

The ToolBarButton control's DropDownMenu property takes an instance of the ContextMenu class as a reference. Carefully consider the reference you pass when implementing this sort of button on toolbars in your application, as the property will accept any object that inherits from the Menu class.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.


Button Styles

The ToolBarButton control features several styles for customizing it's appearance.

  • PushButton: A standard button.

  • ToggleButton: A toggle button.

  • Separator: A line between ToolBar buttons.

  • DropDownButton: A drop-down button that displays a menu when clicked.


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