Adds standard accessibility attributes to the browser element to help with accessible support software.

When web applications are properly designed and coded, people with disabilities can use them. However, currently many sites and tools are developed with accessibility barriers that make them difficult or impossible for some people to use.

Making the web accessible benefits individuals, businesses, and society. International web standards define what is needed for accessibility.

Wisej has basic accessibility support built-in and provides a WebARIA extension to support most of the WAI-ARIA properties.

The WebARIA extension is provided with source code to enable developers to extend it and adapt it to their requirements.

Accessible Properties

All Wisej controls expose three accessible properties:

  • AccessibleName. It is rendered in the browser as the "name" property.

  • AccessibleDescription. Rendered in the browser as the "alt" property.

  • AccessibleRole. Rendered in the browser as the "role" property.

How these properties are used by accessibility tools it is entirely up to the tool.

WebARIA Extension

The WebARIA extension is an extender component that you can drop on any designer surface. It will automatically add a number of new properties to all the controls in the designer.

Some of these properties are cross references to other controls on the same page. These properties allow you to pick a control in the property grid and generate the WAI-ARIA attribute in the browser.

For example, setting the DescribedBy property of a button to a Label, will generate the "aria-describedby" attribute with the id of the label.

See the WebARIA extension for more information.

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