The UserComboBox control represents a ComboBox control with a custom panel that drops down when the user clicks the down arrow.

The UserComboBox control allows the creation of a custom template to use as the dropdown portion of the ComboBox.

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Custom Controls

The DropDownControl property of the UserComboBox control specifies which control to use as a template for the drop down panel of the combo box.


The UserComboBox control supports the inline Label property. This allows an application to set a label in relation to a UserComboBox control without having to create an additional Label control.



JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"combobox", "listitem" for the items in the drop down, see Themes.

Child components

"textfield" is the inner <input> widget, "button" is the drop down button, "list" is the drop down list, "popup" is the container of the drop down list, "labelfield" is the inner content when the ComboBox is not editable, and "icon" is the icon for the selected item when it shows an icon. See JavaScript.

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