Represent an upload widget. Allows users to selected one or more files and upload them to the server.

The Upload control allows users to select files from their local machine and upload them to the server. The files are available in the Uploaded event as a HttpFileCollection.

For a full list of properties, methods and events see the API documentation.


Capture Mode

The CaptureMode property contains several configuration options for defining the type of user input.

  • Default: The default upload configuration.

  • User: Specifies that the upload operation should show a user-facing camera and microphone.

  • Environment: Specifies that the upload operation should show an environment-facing camera and microphone.

The CaptureMode property works better on mobile devices; if your device is a desktop computer, you'll likely get a typical file picker.

Filter File Types

The AllowedFileTypes property of the Upload control specifies the required media types for file selection.

Some examples include:

  • audio/*: Meaning "any audio file".

  • video/*: Meaning "any video file".

  • image/*: Meaning "any image file".

The property takes its value as a string containing one or more unique file type specifiers, separated by commas.

Multiple File Selection

When the AllowMultipleFiles property is set to true, more than one file can be selected for upload.

How To

Customize the Appearance

The Upload control can be customized to have any kind of appearance by using the AppearanceKey, Font, and Color properties.

Appearance Key

The Upload control can be customized to show any predefined theme appearance by setting the AppearanceKey property.


Like most other controls in Wisej, the Upload control has a Font property that allows for customization of the size, features, and style of font to use for the control.

Color Properties

The Upload control has a ForeColor and BackColor property that can specify the color for the text and container, respectively.


JavaScript Widget


Class name


Theme appearance

"upload", see Themes.

Child components

"button" is the upload button. "textfield" is the section of the control that holds the file names.

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