Lists & Grids

Wisej provides several kind of controls able to manage data in lists. The "List" controls handle single items in the data list while the "Grid" controls can handle multiple properties of each item in the list.

List Controls

All list controls are derived from the ListControl class and are usually either a ComboBox or a ListBox, other similar controls are derived from one of the two. However, the ListControl base class provides all the infrastructure needed to build a custom data-bound list control.

All list controls are custom built widgets: they are all rendered as complex <div> containers since the native <select> element is too limited.

Grid Controls

The most powerful grid control is the DataGridView. It is fully integrated with the server side and provides a large number of features and events (more than any grid from any third party vendor).

Another extremely powerful control able to manage multiple properties in a bound data list is the DataRepeater. While it's not technically a grid, it functions as a custom grid where the developer can build a template used to display data in rows or columns.

A third type of grid control is the ListView, it can show data in two main layouts: grid and items. When it shows the data in grid view, it uses an internal DataGridView.

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