What licenses are available?

Wisej is licensed per Developer and per Server. There are different license types available: Developer, Server, Mobile Packages, and options for Technology Partners. You can get a first impression with the Wisej Trial license or use the free Wisej Community license. Read more.

How long do I get free upgrades?

Developer and Server licenses include one year of free upgrades. You can renew it after the year expired.

What is the one-year renewal?

While you can of course continue to use the same version for an unlimited time, you need to renew your license in case you want to upgrade to a later (after expiration) or the latest version.

Do you offer volume licensing?

Yes, we offer volume licensing including single key deployment through our Technology Partner Program.

Can I buy the Wisej source code?

Yes, it's available as an additional option to our Technology Partners.


Do you offer online support?

Yes, it's available at wisej.com/support.

Can I buy additional / priority support?

Yes, it's available as an additional option to our Technology Partners.

Do you offer training?

Yes, you can find more information about training options here: Training.

Do you offer consulting options or professional services?

Yes, there are a number of options available. See Professional Services for more details.

How can you assist us in testing our applications?

We offer consulting packages which can be purchased and used to provide training on best practices, code evaluations, and more.

What testing tools do you support?

Katalon Studio for automation testing in the browser. Any standard .NET testing framework for the server.

Are you offering UI Redesign?

Yes, we help you and your developers design and build a stunning new User Interface while keeping most of your application intact.

What input do you need to help us with UI Redesign?

For the first steps, we need a couple of screenshots of your application. We will deliver a style proposal and show you what your application can look like.

Do you need the Source Code of my application for UI Redesign?


Can I perform the UI Redesign myself?

Yes. You know all the internals of your application. We provide data sheets, the UI mockup, assets, support, theme files, etc.

Do you have Reference Material for UI Redesign?


What are the costs for UI Redesign?

Depends. Varies from little to very little. Especially after you see what your app can really look like.

What does Custom Integration mean?

Using a third party web widget in your Wisej application and wiring the properties, methods and events in a neatly built .NET class.

What widgets can be Integrated?

There is virtually no limit to what can be integrated with Wisej. We can check rather quickly once you send us the link to whatever components you’d like to use.

Do you have samples for Integration?

Yes. We have several blogs showing the integration of popular widgets from DevExpress, SyncFusion, Telerik and others.

Check out our blog and open-source GitHub samples.

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