Namespace: Wisej.Core

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Encapsulates HTTP-request information for an ASP.NET operation.

public class HttpRequest


Constructs an new instance HttpRequest initialized from the original HttpRequest.



The current HttpContext.


Original HttpRequest object.


Int64: Returns the length, in bytes, of content sent by the client.

String: Returns the MIME content type of the incoming request.

HttpContext: Returns the current HttpContext.

HttpFileCollection: Returns the collection of HttpPostedFile uploaded by the client.

NameValueCollection: Returns the collection of form values posted with the HTTP request.

NameValueCollection: Returns a collection of HTTP headers.

Stream: Returns the contents of the incoming HTTP entity body.

Boolean: Returns whether the request is from the local computer.

String: Returns the specified value from the QueryString or Form collections.

String: Returns the virtual path of the current request.

NameValueCollection: Returns the collection of arguments specified in the application URL.

String: Returns the HTTP data transfer method (GET or POST) used by the client.

NameValueCollection: Returns the collection of server variables..

Int64: Returns the number of bytes in the current InputStream.

Uri: Returns the URL of the current request.

Uri: Returns information about the URL of the client's previous request that linked to the current URL.

String: Returns the raw user agent string of the client browser.

String: Returns the IP host address of the remote client.

String: Returns the DNS name of the remote client.

String[]: Returns a sorted string array of client language preferences.

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