Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Represents a PdfViewer control that can display a pdf document in the browser either using the native pdf viewer, the pdf.js viewer, Google docs, or a custom viewer.

public class PdfViewer : Control, IWisejHandler


Initializes a new instance of the PdfViewer class.


BorderStyle: Indicates the border style for the control. (Default: None)

String: Returns or sets the file name used in the "Content-Disposition" header when returning the PDF content to the PDF viewer. The name may be used when downloading the file, depending on the type of PDF viewer loaded in the browser. Since 3.5.5

When FileName is not assigned, the PdfViewer will use the file name extracted from the PdfSource property. When using the PdfStream instead, the file name is left blank unless specified using the FileName property.

String: Returns or sets the pdf file name to display in the PdfViewer control. (Default: "")

Stream: Returns or sets the pdf stream to display in the PdfViewer control.

PdfViewerType: Returns or sets the PdfViewerType to use on the client. (Default: Auto)

String: Returns or sets the URL of the PDF viewer to use on the client. It's required when ViewerType is Custom, optional for Mozilla or Google, and not used for Auto. (Default: "")

You can use the following placeholders in the ViewerURL string:

  • [source]: Replaced with the postback URL to the PdfViewer control that serves the PDF content.

  • [filename]: Replaced with the value of FileName and the ".pdf" extension in case the file name doesn't specify an extension.


EventHandler Fired when the PdfSource property is changed.



Bindable components implement this interface.

Controls that support drag & drop operations implement this interface.

All wisej components implement this interface.

All wisej controls derived from the Control class must implement this interface.

Represents a Wisej component that is capable of handling postback requests from the client.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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