Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Used by the DataRepeater control to display data at run time.

public class DataRepeaterItem : Panel


Initializes a new instance of the DataRepeaterItem object.


Boolean: Return a value that determines whether a DataRepeaterItem is the currently selected item in a DataRepeater control.

Int32: Returns the index of a DataRepeaterItem in a DataRepeater control.

Boolean: Returns value that determines whether the data for a DataRepeaterItem in a DataRepeater control has been changed by the user.



Bindable components implement this interface.

Controls that support drag & drop operations implement this interface.

Provides access to common image properties across the controls that implement this interface.

All wisej components implement this interface.

All wisej controls derived from the Control class must implement this interface.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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