Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Displays an alert box that can contain an icon and text that inform and instruct the user. Alert boxes are not modal and can disappear automatically.

public class AlertBox : Component


Displays an alert box with the specified text and icon in the specified position.



The text to display in the message box. Newlines (CRLF) are converted to <BR/> when the text doesn't contain any html.

One of the MessageBoxIcon values that specifies which icon to display in the message box.

Shows or hides the close button. If not set it's managed automatically.

One of the ContentAlignment values that specifies where on the screen to display the alert box.

A value in milliseconds that determines the delay after which the alert box disappears automatically. The default is 5000 (5 seconds). If set to 0 the box stays open.

Optional async handler for the close event; called when the Alert Box is closed either automatically or by the user.

Shows a progress bar to display the time remaining until the alert box is automatically closed. If left null, it's managed by the theme.

Allows the message text to include HTML code.



All wisej components implement this interface.

Allows an object to serialize itself.

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