Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Represents a toolbar component.

public class ToolBar : Control, IWisejDesignTarget


Initializes a new instance of the ToolBar class.


Boolean: Enables the overflow handling which automatically removes items that don't fit in the ToolBar and adds them to a drop-down menu button. (Default: True)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the toolbar adjusts its size automatically, based on the size of the buttons and the dock style. (Default: True)

BorderStyle: Returns or sets the border style of the toolbar control. (Default: None)

Int32: Returns the number of child buttons without forcing the creation of the collection.

ToolBarButtonCollection: Returns the collection of ToolBarButton controls assigned to the toolbar control.

Boolean: Returns or sets whether clicking ToolBar buttons causes validation to be performed on the active control. (Default: False)

DockStyle: (Default: Top)

ImageList: Returns or sets the collection of images available to the toolbar button controls. (Default: null)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the toolbar displays a ToolTip for each button. (Default: True)

ToolBarTextAlign: Returns or sets the alignment of text in relation to each image displayed on the toolbar button controls. (Default: Underneath)


EventHandler Fired when the value of the AutoSize property has changed.

ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler Fired when a ToolBarButton on the ToolBar is clicked.

ToolBarButtonClickEventHandler Fired when a drop-down style ToolBarButton or its down arrow is clicked.


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