Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Defines a component's binding instance.

public interface IBinding


IBindableComponent: Returns the IBindableComponent.

BindingMemberInfo: Return the binding information based on the dataMember parameter in the #ctor constructor.

ControlUpdateMode: Returns or sets when changes to the data source are propagated to the bound control property.

Object: Returns the data source for this binding.

Object: Returns or sets the value to be stored in the data source if the control value is null or empty.

DataSourceUpdateMode: Returns or sets a value that indicates when changes to the bound control property are propagated to the data source.

IFormatProvider: Returns or sets the IFormatProvider that provides custom formatting behavior.

String: Returns or sets the format specifier characters that indicate how a value is to be displayed.

Boolean: Returns or sets a value indicating whether type conversion and formatting is applied to the control property data.

Object: Returns or sets the Object to be set as the control property when the data source contains a DBNull value.

String: Returns the name of the control's data-bound property.


Sets the target property to the value read from the data source.

Reads the current value from the target property and writes it to the data source.

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Represents the simple binding between the property value of an object and the property value of a IBindableComponent.

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