Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Provides data for the LoadPath event.

public class FileDialogLoadPathEventArgs : CancelEventArgs

Allows an application to filter the files and folders loaded by the FileDialog and FolderBrowserDialog components and to set the icon, creation date and modified date. To skip a file or folder, set e.Cancel = true. To set a file's icon, or date, set the ImageSource, CreationTime or LastWriteTime properties.


Constructs a new instance of FileDialogLoadPathEventArgs.



Path of the file or directory.


Indicates that the path is for a directory.


DateTime: Sets the creation DateTime of the file.

Int64: Sets the file size in bytes.

String: Sets the name or path of the icon to display next to the file.

Boolean: Returns true when the Path refers to a directory.

DateTime: Sets the last modified DateTime of the file.

String: Returns the full path of the file or folder being loaded.

Used By


Represents the method that will handle the LoadPath and LoadPath events.

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