Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Implements one row in a PropertyGrid.

public class GridItem


String: Name of the JavaScript call used to render the cell.

Boolean: Return whether the specified property is expandable to show nested properties.

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the GridItem is in an expanded state.


GridItemCollection: Returns the collection of GridItem objects, if any, associated as a child of this GridItem.

GridItemType: Returns the type of this GridItem.

Boolean: Checks if the UserData dynamic object was created and has any value.

String: Returns the text of this GridItem.

GridItem: Returns the parent GridItem of this GridItem, if any.

PropertyDescriptor: Returns the PropertyDescriptor that is associated with this GridItem.

Object: Returns or sets user-defined data about the GridItem. (Default: null)

Object: Returns a dynamic object that can be used to store custom data in relation to this control.

Object: Returns or sets the current value of this GridItem.


Selects this GridItem in the PropertyGrid.

Returns: Boolean. true if the selection is successful; otherwise, false.

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