Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Displays an editable TextBox control in a DataGridViewCell cell when in edit mode.

public class DataGridViewTextBoxCell : DataGridViewCell


Initializes a new instance of DataGridViewTextBoxCell.


Boolean: Returns or sets whether pressing ENTER in a MultilineDataGridViewTextBoxCell creates a new line of text or terminates edit mode. (Default: False)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether pressing the TAB key in a multiline text box control types a TAB character in the control instead of moving the focus to the next control in the tab order. (Default: False)

The Multiline property must be true to get a TAB character in the control. If the AcceptsTab property is set to true, the user can press SHIFT+TAB to move the focus to the next control in the tab order.

AutoComplete: Returns or sets whether the browser can auto complete the field with values previously entered by the user.

String[]: Identifies a list of pre-defined options to suggest to the user.

CharacterCasing: Returns or sets whether the cell editor modifies the case of characters as they are typed. (Default: Normal)

String: Defines the default text to display in a DataGridViewTextBoxCell cell when the Type property is set to Password. Since 3.2.5

Type: Returns the type of the cell's editing control.

InputType: Specifies the type, min, max and step properties to associate to the <input> element.

Int32: Returns or sets the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the cell editor. (Default: 0)


Boolean: Returns or sets whether this is a multiline text box control. (Default: False)


  • ArgumentException The property cannot be modified after the component has been created.

ComponentToolCollection: Returns the instance of ComponentToolCollection associated with this cell.

Type: Returns or sets the data type of the values in the cell.

String: Returns or sets the text to show when the textbox is empty.


Initializes the control used to edit the cell.



The Control that is used to edit the cell.


The DataGridViewCellStyle that is in effect for the cell entering edit mode.


Resets the InputType property.

Indicates whether the cell data should be updated on the client even if the user didn't change the value when editing.

Returns: Boolean.



Defines an object that can invoke a Command.

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