Namespace: Wisej.Web

Assembly: Wisej.Framework (

Encapsulates properties related to the tabbed MDI interface.

public class MdiTabProperties : ICloneable


Initializes a new instance of the MdiTabProperties class.



The Form whose properties this object describes.


TabAlignment: Returns or sets the area of the control (for example, along the top) where the tabs are aligned. (Default: Top)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the user can change the position of a tab button by dragging it. (Default: False)

Color: Returns or sets the background color for the control.

BorderStyle: Indicates the border style for the control. (Default: Solid)

Orientation: Returns or sets a value indicating the horizontal or vertical orientation of the TabControl tab pages.

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the menu of the MdiChild form is shown on the tab button. (Default: False)

Boolean: Returns or sets whether the thumbnail page is visible. (Default: True)

TabSizeMode: Returns or sets whether the tab buttons should fill the control's size, or placed in the center, or aligned to the left. (Default: Normal)

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